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V.G.R Diabetes Specialities Hospital

The Hospital was started with a two fold Purpose:

To provide Total Diabetic Care under one roof and not only routine treatment of diabetes but also of its various complications.

To provide the modern and efficient diabetes services right in the vijayawada so that the facilities could be made available to a larger section of people.

Our Motto

" Excellence in Diabetics Medical Care "


Diabetes Eye Care

In early diabetic retinopathy there are small dialations of the capillary walls in the retina which is called as microaneurysms. At this stage good control of diabetes and regular follow up.....

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Diabetic Foot Care

Not all people with diabetes develop foot problems.High blood glucose can cause feet and skin problems.In many cases serious problems can be prevented by an understanding....

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Diabetes Heart Care

Having diabetes or prediabetes puts you at increased risk for heart disease and stroke. You can lower your risk by keeping your blood glucose (also called blood sugar), blood pressure....

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Diabetic Kidney Care

Kidney failure is the final stage of chronic kidney disease (CKD).Diabetes is the most common cause of kidney failure, accounting for nearly 44 percent of new cases....

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V.G.R Diabetes Specialities Hospital offers Total Diabetic Check-up


  • Department Of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Radiology Services
  • Doppler studies and Biothesiometry studies for early diagnosis of Diabetic Foot complications
  • Computarized ECG and EchoCardiography for the diagnosis of Diabetic Heart problems
  • Advanced Technology Laboratory Services
  • 50 bedded in-patient diabetes care unit
  • Round the clock diabetic care and nursing is available
  • Dedicated team of doctors, nurses and other supporting staff
  • In-patient services offers a variety of rooms general wards / single rooms / deluxe rooms/ super deluxe rooms to suit different budgets


Dr. K Venu Gopal Reddy was first joined as a Medical Officer in Indian railways and worked for 2 years. Later he joined as a Consultant Diabetologist in Dr. Mohans Diabetes Specialities Center in Chennai and Hyderabad and trained for 4 years under Internationally Acclaimed Diabetologist Padmasri Professor V. Mohan. Dr K Venu Gopal Reddy participated many International and National Conferences on Diabetes.



V.G.R Diabetes Specialities Hospital

A.S Ramarao Road

Moghalrajpuram, Vijayawada - 520008

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